A Telco Grade AI Personal Assistant

Deliver great customer experiences, increase operational efficiency, and drive more revenue.


AI-Powered Speech Voice Response

Automate, control, and improve customer interactions over the phone.


Always on
personal assistant

Make the right impression, delight your customers and never lose a business opportunity.

Transform customer interactions with Natural Language AI experiences.

Let your customers reach you when, where and how they want, for great customer care and easy access to your services and content.

Discover the world of is an artificially intelligent, Voice AI-enabled platform that tackles complex tasks through listening, understanding and learning from its own environment in real time. By embracing natural language processing technology and allowing end users to engage naturally, we are creating a fundamental shift in human-computer interactions.


Voice over AI

Creating new value for telecommunication providers with an AI personal assistant on every phone line. Whether on a business call or on the phone with friends - a personal assistant that is only a word away. No device or app needed.


Artificial Intelligence Voice Response

Transforming obsolete IVRs into engaging digital experiences that increase NPS and create self-serving efficiency, using Voice AI technology powered by accurate speech recognition and advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms.



Introducing next generation conference management and meeting efficiency, with the world's first enterprise-ready voice assistant for conferencing.


Build engaging conversational experiences powered by AI that are can be deployed everywhere, for a unified and connected customer experience across any communication channel and device.

Transform Your Business Now

Access to information via text and voice is transforming into a personal assistant. Removes the barrier of another app to download. A2P communication services continue to experience strong growth.