About Us

Whether you’re in the insurance, banking, telecom, or retail industry, you can expect that it won’t take long for every aspect of your organization to be affected by the AI revolution. At over.ai, we harness the power of these new technologies to make sure that your enterprise or SMB has the tools it needs to meet the new era with intelligence. Our proprietary, AI-based enterprise solutions streamline operations, cut costs across the board, and empower employees to focus on what really matters.

We are innovators, we are creatives, and we are problem-solvers. In our offices, programmers and artists work side-by-side, and no limits are placed on thought.

We believe that the best ideas come from unexpected places, and getting to unexpected places is exactly what we’re trying to do.

over.ai is a wholly owned subsidiary of i.am+ electronics, the Hollywood-based company founded by musician and tech entrepreneur Will.i.am as a shift towards an AI-driven world, where music and technology combine, and creators and coders thrive.