Working at is a wholly owned subsidiary of electronics, the Hollywood-based company founded by musician and tech entrepreneur as a shift towards an AI-driven world, where music and technology combine, and creators and coders thrive.

At, we leverage AI to empower business leaders to take meaningful and powerful action in moving towards an AI-driven era. Our product solves difficult business problems, streamlines operations, cuts costs, and allows employees to focus on higher-value tasks. We believe in our products, and we make every effort to ensure that each of our valued clients loves it and is using it as effectively as possible.

Our team is diverse, passionate, and highly skilled; by constantly challenging and pushing each other, we become better innovators and stronger employees. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we strongly value creativity, integrity, and a sense of humor. If you are passionate about technology and want to be a part of the AI-revolution, we’d love to have you join our team.

Open Positions in Tel Aviv: