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First Steps


Sign in or register for a new account at http://developers-v2.over.ai.


Click Create New Agent to create your first agent.


On your agent dashboard, you have a high-level overview of the agent. Included is agent information such as name, language, number of intents and entities (we’ll go over these soon), as well as information such as the Agent ID which is necessary to deploy a skill to the Store.
In the menu on the left, we have our agent’s name (will take you to the agent dashboard), Intents, Entities, Monitoring, and a few options that are related to the managing and deploying skills. For now, we will go over all of the basic functionalities and options, such as intents and entities. Monitoring may be used after bot construction to refine the bot and help the machine learning process.


This will all make a lot more sense once we know how to use the platform — let’s get started.

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