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  5. The Welcome Intent

The Welcome Intent

The welcome intent is created by default and defined by the system as the initiation of the conversation or activation of the agent.

  • Click on Intents in the left side menu
  • Search for the intent called “welcome”, click on it to enter

  • Change the Intent’s Topic to “Pizza Order”. Topics are helpful for organization
  • Modify the bot’s greeting to the user by scrolling down to Responses, and entering in your bot’s greeting: “Welcome to Pizza ‘n Stuff! How can I help you?”

  • Save the welcome intent. You should see a confirmation of your save at the bottom.
Testing in simulator

The developers platform provides a testing interface or simulator that will allow you to test and debug your agent throughout the build processes.

  • Click on the icon from any screen in the bottom right of the developers platform.
  • To initiate the conversation, either click Reset Session, or enter “welcome_user” as your input.
  • The agent should respond “Welcome to Pizza ‘n Stuff! How can I help you?”

Debugging with the simulator
  • You can view the request and response bodies in JSON by clicking the next to any of the messages
  • You can click on the audio symbol next to any response in the simulator in order to hear the text synthesized into speech


Now that we’ve created the welcome intent, let’s learn how to leverage the basic functionality of an intent: understanding and classifying a user’s intention and using that classification to produce an appropriate response.