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Change the way you meet

The future of effective collaboration is AI - an industry game changer. Make effective and lasting impact on your customers with VoAI supported meetings that increase productivity and ensure that ideas and actions are carried over seamlessly.

``Omega, how many units do we have in stock?``

Make conferencing more intuitive

A unified, natural way to control your meeting room:

A personalized AI assistant that knows who you are

Voice commands delivering natural interactions

Embedded process understanding that automates meeting workflows

Removing the need for multiple interfaces with unified access to relevant information

``Omega, call Michal and see if he's available to join``

Drastically improve ease of use

Leverage automation to increase efficiency and eliminate
mundane tasks:

Add, remove or mute participants on the fly

Get things done in one shot

Automate and streamline scheduling by leveraging existing info and context

``Omega, send the meeting summary to all participants``

Delivering pre- and post-meeting value

Automated related tasks and insights that take place outside the meeting environment

Auto-creating and distributing agendas, meeting transcripts and summaries

Coordinate meeting scheduling, notes distribution and action times

Auto assign and tracking tasks

Share relevant content and related resources

Transform Your Business Now

Access to information via text and voice is transforming into a personal assistant. Removes the barrier of another app to download. A2P communication services continue to experience strong growth.